What makes you most proud of the business you’ve built?
"I like this question! It connects me right to our mission statement which is ‘To help the world resonate at a higher vibration by providing health elevating and delicious beverages’. We are passionate about health & wellness and every flavor/formulation that we develop (all in house) has to hit both criteria. "What has been keeping us motivated is the feedback we’ve receiving back from people that discover M. From simply enjoying the quality and flavors our kombucha to experiencing the health benefits that each one of our bottles offer."


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So, what’s next? Any big plans?
"We have big plans at M Kombucha; our vision is to transform the beverage industry by formulating functional beverages that are not only proven to be health promoting but are also delicious. Consumers will no longer need to make a choice compromise between health and taste. The Health and wellness movement is underway and people are becoming more aware of what they put in their bodies. Gut health is key to a healthy body and mind and kombucha plays a significant role in supporting a flourishing gut microbiome".

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